A Leap of Blind Faith

The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and have done abhorrent injustice; there is none who does good.

— Psalms 53:1

One of the fruits of evolution has been the proliferation of atheists. Do you realize that before Darwin, an atheist was as scarce as a hen’s tooth? Oh, there were a few around, but very, very few. Do you know why? Because if you said you were an atheist, all I had to say to you was, “Look around, buddy. Where did all of this come from?” And the atheist said, “Ah … but … uh … I don’t know.”

Then came Charles Darwin, who, as one evolutionist said, “… made atheism respectable.” I would not want to be Charles Darwin on Judgment Day. Think of all the people whom he has led astray. It is true that some were led astray quite willingly, but he is responsible for a lot of unbelief, ungodliness, and misery.

To say that tiny changes in all organisms (micro-evolution, if you will) prove gigantic changes from one species to another species (macro-evolution) is a gigantic leap of blind faith. The missing links were missing in his day. They are still missing in our day.

We believe in God, the Creator of heaven and earth. We should do all we can to counteract the false teaching that has been so readily accepted at every level of our society.

Question to ponder:
How did you come in your journey of faith to believe in God the Creator?